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साबिकको सगरमाथा मर्चेण्ट बैकिङ्ग एण्ड फाइनान्स लिमिटेड र पाटन फाइनान्स लिमिटेड एक आपसमा गाभिएर बनेको संस्था
Sagarmatha Finance Limited

Personal Loan

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With personal loan scheme, you will be able to borrow money to purchase household items. The following are the features of personal loan scheme.

Eligibility: Service holder having permanent service terms or contract basis at least covering the loan tenure and the employer should be in a position to provide an undertaking to transfer the fund to the Bank for EMI

Loan Amount: 60% of the collateral.

Loan Tenure:
Upto 7 years

Finance to the customers seeking for the purpose of furnishing/refurnishing, purchase of household appliance/items etc.

Prepayment: You can PrePayment right from the first month.