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साबिकको सगरमाथा मर्चेण्ट बैकिङ्ग एण्ड फाइनान्स लिमिटेड र पाटन फाइनान्स लिमिटेड एक आपसमा गाभिएर बनेको संस्था
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What is SCT Debit Card?

SAFAL ATM/Debit Card is an international standard ATM/Debit Card that is linked to your SAFAL Bank account, allowing access to your account round the clock

How long is my Card valid for?
The validity period of the card is 2 years from the date of issue.

What should i do if my card expired?
You can renew your SAFAL ATM Card for next 2 years by addressing common formalities.

Where can I use the SCT cards?
You can use your SCT cards all ATM’s which displays SCT Logo.

How long is the card valid for usage?
The card is valid for 2 years

Shall I get a renewed card against the expired one?
Upon the expiry of your card, you can get a renewed card. However, in case of Bharat yatra card, there is no option for card renewal. New card needs to be purchased once the existing card is expired.

Can I close the card on my wish?
Card can be closed anytime as per the wish of the customer.

How much charge I have to pay for new card?
You can get your SAFAL Debit card without any charges.

What if the card gets lost or stolen?
Please inform SAFAL to block the usage immediately. However, you must send a written application also at the earliest. Please note that you are fully liable for the transactions processed up to the time SAFAL is notified of the lost/stolen card. The Finance will issue the replacement of the lost/stolen card upon your written request with applicable charges.

Customers can contact directly to out card centre at head office kathmandu in the below numbers:
TELEPHONE NUMBER: +977 1 5535158, 5547841 Ext# 21,24

If PIN forgotten, can I get new PIN immediately?
A new PIN will be generated and you will get the new PIN within 7 days. But you have to submit written application to the branch where you have applied for card or in the card centre at Kathmandu as per your convenient.

If card trapped in ATM, how can I get my card?
By contacting the SAFAL head office you can get your card on the same day.

I missed to collect cash from the ATM or I tried to withdraw cash from the ATM but machine did not dispense cash where as my account has been debited. In such case what should I do to get my money back?
We require your written complaint. On the basis of your complaint, we process for it and your account will be credited after we receive chargeback/reimbursement from the concerned bank (ATM). For this we require following details along with your complaint letter:

1. Your card No.
2. Your account No.
3. Your Name
4. Transaction amount
5. Transaction date
6. Transaction no. (Retrieval Reference No.)
7. Bank Name
9. Transaction slips receipt from the ATM

(If you have any questions regarding SAFAL SCT Debit Card, please do write us.)
Email ID: smbcardcenter@smb.com.np
Ph. No.: +977 1 5547841, 5008800, 5535158
Ext# 21,24
Website : www.smb.com.np