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साबिकको सगरमाथा मर्चेण्ट बैकिङ्ग एण्ड फाइनान्स लिमिटेड र पाटन फाइनान्स लिमिटेड एक आपसमा गाभिएर बनेको संस्था
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SMB Debit Card SAFAL debit card is a plastic card which provides an alternative payment method to cash when making purchases or cash withdrawal from ATM centers. SAFAL Debit Card is your key to ultimate convenience regarding day to day monetary transactions providing you the power of real cash in form of card. Associated with Smart Choice Technology (SCT), it facilitates wide sharing of ATMs under SCT network from more than 350 Locations throughout Nepal. Functionally, it can be called an electronic check, as the funds are withdrawn directly from the bank account. Sagarmatha Finance Limited (SAFAL) is always committed towards excellent service for the people who believe in quality banking. Introduction of SMB Debit card is a step in the same direction.

Eligibility for the SAFAL debit card

SAFAL Debit card is eligible for all existing customers of Sagarmatha Finance Limited The individual customers having Saving Account, Current Account and Saving Premium Account maintaining the minimum balance is eligible for the SAFAL Debit Card. New customers, who have opened their accounts after launch of SAFAL debit card, shall also be eligible for the issuance of debit card at the time of opening the account itself.
SAFAL Debit card can also be issued in joint accounts. It can be issued to both the account holders and they may operate their transaction through ATM into the same account.

We provide free SCT Debit cards for the following account holders

Samriddhi Bachat Khata
Karmachari Bachat Khata
Swornim Bachat Khata
Sagarmatha Bachat Khata
Sharedhani Bachat Khata
Yuva Bachat Khata
Nari Bachat Khata
Jyestha Nagarik Bachat Khata
Khutruke Bachat Khutruke Bachat Khata  
SMB DEBIT Card Features
Cash Withdrawal Fee: NPR 25 per cash withdrawal transaction while using SCT ATMs other than SMB Card.
Minimum Withdrawal: NPR 500
(Note Dispensed Denominations: NPR 500 and NPR 1,000)
Maximum Withdrawal per transaction: NPR 16,000
Maximum Withdrawal per day: NPR 50,000
General Security Tips While doing ATM Transaction :
After your transaction, do not delay to take your card back otherwise ATM will retract your card. 
Soon after an ATM dispense your cash, do not delay to take it otherwise ATM will retract the money and your Bank Account Could get Debited.
Do not tell your secret PIN number to others and do not write it into your CARD or in your mobile phone.
If you feel, your PIN is stolen, change it immediately through any SCT Network ATM and later you can contact the Card department immediately inorder to block your lost card.
Security tips Do not held your transaction infront of other unknown person(s) at the ATM booth.
For stolen card or any card related problem, please contact  5547841, 5535158, 5008800 (Ext.21, 24)  IT/Card Department.